Recycled Cotton


Recycled cotton is a used, repaired, and re-manufactured item. Our brand tries to increase awareness about environmental, social, and economic impacts in the textile fabric industry by using recycled cotton. However, recycling is a very long and challenging process. Balancing the production of new materials with recycled cotton will bring savings and ensure a brighter future.

The Process

The recycling process is as follows:

Firstly, fabrics and materials are sorted by colour.After the separation process, the fabrics are passed through a machine where they are split first as yarn and then as raw fibre.During the opening of the fibres, the fibres break and become entangled.Lastly, the raw fibre is converted into yarn for use in other products.

Natural Fiber

On the other hand, cotton is a natural fibre that grows around cotton seeds. We produce our products with these fibres and bring them together with our recycling collection.