Botanical Dyes

Protect The Environment

We are worried about the health and environmental impacts of synthetic dyes. For this reason, we aim to protect nature and our health by producing our products by using eco-friendly dyes and natural dyes, which are prehistoric methods. The environment-friendly dye method is required for the highest perfection in weaving and printed fabric production. We use it in our products as wool, silk, and cotton dyeing.

Main Sources

The primary sources of this dyeing method are plants, mainly plant roots, bark, leaves, and wood. The plants used in dyeing contain antioxidants, antibacterial, and antimicrobial substances. Natural dye is inherently non-carcinogenic and therefore does not affect the human body or the environment.

In Addition

In addition, these dye plants are generally one-year or two-year plants. When not collected within a year, they dry and return to the soil. Thus, the clothes produced and coloured naturally do not harm the environment.