Our Story

We trust we can make a difference through our earth-friendly initiatives.

The world around us is unpredictable, chaotic, and impulsive. Every little thing we do has an impact – big or small on planet Earth. So at Nublik, it’s essential to be conscious of our actions to safeguard our society and environment at large. Nublik is a direct-to-consumer, renowned fashion brand that believes in a socially responsible design philosophy.

As a dedicated apparel company, we strive to explore the ethical use of technology for individual’s well-being. It is possible with the collective effort of every individual involved from the very first step of product manufacturing till the final delivery. Our suppliers, partners, and other associated vendors work together towards the shared goal of undying commitment and sustainability. We are transparent and aim to serve the real purpose of a premium eco-friendly brand.

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Ethical production with sustainable materials and eco-friendly approach.

Ethical production with sustainable materials andeco-friendly approach.

We embarked on this journey with the good intention of making people aroundthe world embrace sustainable fashion. Our team is powered by strongenvironmental values, undeterred passion, and integrity. We believe consumershave the right to know about their product costs; hence we exhibit only thecorrect cost without hidden charges.

Every textile innovation at Nublik adheres to the welfare of the people andthe planet achieving a sustainable lifestyle and a greener planet.


Clothes that create a positive footprint…

We ardently go by: “If you cannot reuse it, then better to refuse it.”Backed by a transparent supply chain and ethically sourced materials, we createtimeless products that never go out of fashion. Three important Rs thatinfluence our production are Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Our team goes theextra mile in using recycled materials to reduce waste generation.

We use organic and recycled fabric to extend the life of clothes. Our lovefor nature is exhibited in our smart aesthetics and innovative design. Stayactive, fresh, and cheerful all day long with our unique series of wardrobeessentials. As a top environmentally-friendly brand, Nublik infusessustainability in every garment to effortlessly suit your style.


Earth-first essentials with strong environmental values…

Our exquisite clothes are meticulously handmade with the utmost love and perfection to suit your daily needs. Each product is unique and passes fair industry practices before the final product reaches the customer.

Our latest Botanical collection is dyed using organic botanical techniques that are safe for dyehouse workers and the environment. These chemical-free, non-toxic dyes are derived from plants, fresh fruits and vegetables. Plants naturally contain antioxidants, antibacterial and antimicrobial substances. Because these dyes are naturally produced, they are gentle on your skin and harmless to the planet.

Pure, additive-free and natural cotton is used in the making of most of our clothes. These super soft fabrics offer complete comfort and warmth to the wearer. We use 100% recycled materials in all of our labels, boxes and polybags; also these polybags are plastic free and fully compostable. Nublik has a wide range of authentic, trendy and minimalist products. Our creative sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, bodysuits, underwear, dresses and shoes are some of the crowd favourites.