BCI Cotton

BCI Cotton

Cotton is the most common fabric that rules the clothing industry for its element of comfort. However, it takes enormous effort and environmentally damaging measures to grow the cotton plantation. For years, several stakeholders have been working on creating sustainable cotton, which paved the way for the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

What Is BCI Cotton?

BCI cotton is a sustainable programme that helps farmers by educating them about the alternate cultivation method of growing cotton. The aim is to rear more cotton by causing less damage to the environment. The initiative is set to make the world better for the farmers who grow and produce it, the cotton industry, and the people who wear it. BCI cotton clothes strive to discard the negativities that are surrounded by the production of cotton.

Explore The Benefits Of BCI Cotton Clothing

The BCI cotton fabrics benefit the wearer just as it benefits nature. Some of the essential benefits of using BCI are as follows.

The material is softer and gives a better comfort Breathable BCI cotton apparel has easy ventilationSustainable and can last longerThe fabric is odorless and resistant to microbesIt does not require high maintenance, and it can be washed in the machine and stored anywhere in the closet.It is pretty safe for the skin and does not cause any allergic reactions or skin irritationUnlock The BCI Cotton Fashion With Nublik

Nublik is an eco-friendly clothing store working towards creating sustainable fashion in the world. One such initiative is the BCI cotton fashionable making its way through the boxer briefs, which are incredibly comfortable and can be worn with ease. Nublik ensures to create earth-friendly materials that are flexible and soft for the wearer with a clear fitted design. Reach out to us if you want to experience revolutionary clothing.